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How do you pick the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life? This decision can be difficult for some as there are many different styles and cuts, as well as many other choices to consider. Gabriel&Co offers many beautiful rings to choose from. Here are just a few of the options and some things to think about when making the decision.

Ring Settings

Three Stone Engagement Rings

More than merely beautiful, three stone engagement rings are rich with symbolism and personal significance. The three stones traditionally represent the past, present and future of a relationship, but can also be interpreted to stand for friendship, love and fidelity or even take on religious significance. If you’re looking for a ring with deeper meaning, three stone engagement rings should be at the top of your list.

There are lots of ways to get creative and personalize your three stone engagement ring. You can choose three equally sized stones, or flank a larger center stone with two smaller stones. All three stones might be diamonds, or you could include other stones you find beautiful or meaningful like a favorite color or a birthstone. To make your ring stand out consider using a variety of shapes, like matching an emerald cut center stone with a pair of baguettes or a round cut center stone with two pear shaped side stones. Also known as “trinity,” “trilogy,” or “trio” rings, three stone engagement rings have become a popular choice in recent years. In addition to their beauty and versatility, they give you a little extra bling on your ring! 


Solitaire Engagement Rings

The options are endless when you choose a timeless solitaire engagement ring. This style is an unmistakable symbol of betrothal, bringing the center stone to the forefront. And when the time comes to complete the bridal set, solitaire engagement rings are unmatched in their versatility – pairing beautifully with an array of wedding bands. Round cut diamonds are a classic choice for solitaire engagement rings, but more unconventional brides may choose a fancy shape such as princess, emerald, oval, marquise or pear. Once you choose your center stone shape, there are a number of setting styles to consider. Popular setting styles for solitaire engagement rings include prong, cathedral, semi-bezel and bezel. Brides who choose solitaire engagement rings tend to be loyal, devoted and committed. Their style is usually more classic, feminine and understated with less of an interest in passing trends. 


Three Stone Halo Engagement

Celebrate the past, present, and future of your love with our selection of three-stone halo engagement rings. These exceptional designs seamlessly combine two of our most popular setting styles. Boasting dramatic sparkle from the three central stones combined with their surrounding accent diamonds, these rings are truly sensational. When you ask her to spend the rest of your lives together, give her everything she wants and more. Three stone halo engagement rings typically feature a trio of diamonds, but couples can choose any stones they find beautiful or meaningful, such as a favorite gemstone or a birthstone. Whether you choose three diamonds or a mixture of stones, you can also vary the shapes — like teaming a round cut center stone with two pear shaped side stones, or matching an emerald cut center stone with a pair of baguettes. Brides who pick three stone halo engagement rings are bold, daring and energetic. An engagement ring this dramatic and eye-catching belongs on the finger of a confident, charismatic woman. 

Round Solitaire Engagement Rings

Our round solitaire engagement ring settings are appealingly simple, yet never boring. Round cut diamonds are iconic for a reason: this shape maximizes a stone’s brightness. Solitaire settings allow the stone to work its magic and truly be the focal point of the ring.  Round solitaire engagement rings are for brides who are insightful, compassionate, delicate, and has a great sense of feminine style.  The solitaire band signifies a bride who holds strong personal values and emulates this feeling throughout their style.  Its chic minimalist look truly lets your center stone shine. The classic Round solitaire cut gifts luxury to the outstanding bride. 

Oval Halo Engagement Rings

Discover glamorous engagement rings that stand out from the crowd when you choose an oval cut halo style. This center stone shape is the perfect choice for someone who admires the brilliance of round cut diamonds, but yearns for something more unique.  

Oval Halo Engagement Rings are traditional, feminine, and emanate a simple silhouette for an everlasting look.  The silhouette of an oval halo enhances the natural shape of a woman’s finger, adding extra dazzle to the design of any setting.  

As with any halo, the accent diamonds surrounding the center stone boost the radiance even further. A fiercely fashionable and practical woman would love the oval halo setting. 


Double Halo Engagement Rings

While traditional halo rings have been around for nearly a century, double halo styles are a relatively recent addition to the category, making them a glamourous modern twist on an enduring concept. The double halo ring magnifies the light of the entire ring by having an outer halo and an inner halo.

Today’s designers are asked to add other precious stones, such as sapphires and rubies, even birthstones to enhance the intensity of the halo.  Colored stones, when combined with the sparkle of diamonds, makes each ring a one of a kind creation. The halo engagement ring is very popular and a fast-growing style that can make a smaller carat stone appear larger.  A better way to make a halo more brilliant is to have two of them!

Double Halo Engagement Rings are for brides who exude self-confidence and have a bold, charismatic personality.  This is an engagement ring that will certainly be noticed!  

Diamond Cuts

Cushion Cut

If you’re looking for an elegant engagement ring that will stand the test of time, a cushion cut style is a beautiful and unique alternative. Soft corners lend this shape a gentler, more romantic feeling. Though they may not be as brilliant as some of the more modern diamond shapes, cushion cuts create a soft captivating glow that pairs perfectly with vintage style rings.

Cushion cut diamonds have a rich history dating back over three hundred years. In fact, they are one of the oldest fancy cut diamond shapes and were a popular style in the nineteenth century. Although cushion cut stones were once difficult to find, they have recently risen in popularity and are a bit more widely available. However, they remain much less common than round or princess styles. Brides who value tradition, authenticity and sophistication are often drawn to cushion cut engagement rings. Many of the world’s most famous diamonds are cushion cut, and cushion cut engagement rings have become popular among celebrities in recent years.

Princess Cut

Boasting the freshness of a geometric shape combined with brilliance to rival a traditional round cut stone

, princess cut diamonds have earned their place as the most popular fancy diamond shape. The stone’s sharp angles and clean lines bring a contemporary elegance to these engagement ring styles. Whether set in a similarly modern and geometric ring or contrasted with a curving, vintage style setting, princess cut diamonds are glamorous and memorable. Princess cut stones work well with a wide variety of settings. They can be paired with a similarly modern and geometric ring or contrasted with a curving, vintage style setting, princess cut diamonds are glamorous and memorable. Other gemstones look stunning as a princess cut as well, like a princess cut aquamarine or princess cut emerald.

The bride who picks a princess cut engagement ring is always ahead of the curve on the latest trends. Princess cut engagement rings are ideal for the modern woman who’s knowledgeable, sophisticated and effortlessly stylish.


Emerald Cut

Originally developed for its namesake gemstone, this elegant rectangular shape is relatively rare and provides a distinct silhouette with vintage appeal. Unlike round stones which are generally brilliant cut, emeralds are step-cut, creating a hall-of-mirrors effect and a focus on clarity. This elongated shape can also give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. Combining clean lines with timeless appeal, emerald cut engagement rings are an unparalleled way to exemplify your commitment to one another.  

The Emerald cut diamond lends a distinct vintage look to any setting.  It gives a larger look for a lower price and has a 5% greater surface area than a round cut diamond.  This is perfect for the budget-friendly bride who wants elegance and sophistication.  Emerald cut diamonds are lovely as a solitaire or with accent stones and can even be substituted as an Emerald cut sapphire. The bride who chooses an Emerald cut diamond commands her elegance. These styles are tailor made for brides who are independent, creative, dramatic and vivacious. If she want to be a little different, but always chic and sophisticated, an emerald cut engagement ring is her perfect match. With their clean lines and timeless appeal, emerald cut engagement rings are an unparalleled way to exemplify your commitment to one another.


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