WOSTEP Certified Repair At Danson Jewelers

WOSTEP Certified Repair At Danson Jewelers

Danson Jewelers Advises…When it comes to selecting a repair service for your luxury watch,
watch your WOSTEP.

Who or what is WOSTEP? We’ll get to that. You wouldn’t trust your Rolls, Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar or Bentley to the local Jiffy Lube. Why trust your Rolex, Bremont, Ball, Muhle Glashutte, MeisterSinger, Audemars Piguet, Montblanc, Greubel Forsey, or Cartier to an equivalent watch repair establishment? Instead, come to Danson Jewelers.

WOSTEP–short for Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program—is the foremost school in the world for watch repairmen (and women). Since 1996, this independent nonprofit organization has provided exemplary training services for the Swiss watch industry and its representatives around the world as well as for independent watchmakers in Switzerland and abroad. Certificates and diplomas are recognized by the Swiss watch industry and its representatives around the world.

Where does Danson come in? Our on-premises WOSTEP-trained Watchmaker received this prestigious certification in Switzerland. And because time never stands still–and neither do the luxury watch movements–he receives additional training at the watchmakers’ respective offices in NYC And since a great craftsperson depends on tools as well as training, Danson has state-of-the-art equipment that meets or exceeds Swiss standards.(Incidentally, and not to be nationalistic, Danson will be sending our service representative for training and certification by the prestigious American Watchmaker-Clockmaker Institute (AWCI) and CW21, Certified Watchmakers of the 21st Century.)

Danson Jewelers has been providing top quality service on luxury watches for more than 30 years at our showroom and service center and we are proud to extend that same level of service to customers nationwide through our unique website, ChronoGuru.com. Simply bring or mail in your watch. Allow 3-5 days for a full assessment and 6-8 weeks for service depending on the complexity of the repair. Naturally, you have the option to have the watch returned unserviced at no cost. By the way, as soon as your watch arrives at our service center it is instantly insured by Lloyds of London.

Your time is precious. No one recognizes this more than Danson Jewelers and our WOSTEP-trained service person. So make sure you have the right time on your hands (okay, your wrist). Bring in, or mail, your precision timekeeper to Danson Jewelers now. By the way, this same incomparable service is available whether you own the chronographic equivalent of a luxury sports car or a family sedan. In fact we sell–and offer our watchmaking expertise for–nearly 1,000 brands. And you have our assurance that your watch is treated with respect whatever its price.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 855-9DANSON.

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