An out-of-this-world limited–edition exclusive* from Alexander Shorokhoff and Danson Jewelers 

Suddenly “Out of this world” can mean New Jersey! That’s because Danson Jewelers proudly, even brazenly, presents the watches Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, Newton, Halley (of comet fame), Hubble, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and Albert Einstein might have proudly worn. Maybe even wished they’d discovered…or created! The Shorokhoff Babylonian I and Babylonian II. 

Like the night sky viewed through an astronomer’s telescope, the Shorokhoff Babylonian watches will leave the viewer—even an astronomer– in awe. To a non-astronomer (and non-watchmaker) like this writer, the amount of astronomical–and technical—knowledge required to create the Babylonian watches defies description. But just as you don’t need to be an astronomer to gaze in amazement at the night sky, you don’t need to be a watchmaker to appreciate these limited-edition, startlingly low-priced creations of the Russian-born German luxury watchmaker Alexander Shorokhoff.

Now you might ask, “What’s Babylonia got to do with watch making?” According to that contemporary fountain of knowledge, Wikipedia, the earliest sundials—predecessors of modern timepieces–come from ancient Egyptian and Babylonian astronomy. Even Herodotus, the Greek historian and contemporary of Socrates who preceded Wikipedia by a few years, admits that Greek sundials were initially derived from Babylonian counterparts.  

As for the watches themselves, there’s a host of rhapsodic commentary available in watch magazines and on line, for instance this from Shorokhoff’s own website:

“A whole cosmos with celestial bodies and signs of the zodiac is shining under the gently vaulted  sapphire glass of the solid stainless steel case. The central element of the timekeeper is a hand engraved movement featuring a special polishing of sun beams at the front  side. A grooved ornamental parts the horizontal axis in waves.  A little sun and moon stand out against the movement, which is encircled by a glimmering purple-blue MOP ring.” 

Some additional things the site mentions that make the Babylonian I and II out –of- this-world different: 

*Combines astrological symbolism, a partially skeletonized dial, and a recessed dial around the actual movement.

*The gold main plate is revealed through the center of the dial, giving a glimpse of the movement beneath. 

*Rubies and the capstones of the balance are visible through the main plate, giving a look that resembles stars in the sky.

*The wavy parallel lines bisecting the dial symbolize the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which were and forever will be linked to  Babylon.

*Astrological symbols scattered throughout both the dial and case back create a unique timepiece that will definitely get noticed. 

As a “clincher,” Shorokhoff adds modestly, “This is definitely a watch for those who want something different and unique and an excellent conversation piece.” Both models are handmade and hand engraved, with heavily embellished Russian Poljot 2609 manual wind 17-jewel movement, and each watch in these strictly limited editions is numbered.

Among the finishing touches, for both models the case is solid stainless steel, genuine mother of pearl hand engraved dial. Both models feature bands made of genuine ostrich leather (black for Babylonian I, brown for Babylonian II), and the watches are water-resistant to 50 meters/165 feet.  Nowhere on its website is there any mention about their resistance to stardust! 

Danson’s Jack Nazy, who makes no claim to be an astronomer, admits that he discovered Shorokhoff and Babylonian in a magazine and through a friend in the business was introduced to Shorokhoff’s US representative. The rest is, like the leap from sun dial to wristwatch, is history. 

For a glimpse of the Babylonian highlights check out this link:, which rightly classified Shorokhoff watches as “hand crafted obsession.” But remember, there’s nothing like holding the real thing. And there’s only one place is New York and New Jersey where you can actually hold a Babylonian watch in your hands, and contemplate the beauty, precision and “heavenly” design on your own wrist–Danson Jewelers. Please bear in mind that these are limited editions of 500 for each model, so act with the speed of a shooting star! Either way, you’ll see the heavens the way the Babylonians saw them—and  the way Einstein et al would have loved to see them. To make these watches even more heavenly, prices are extraordinarily low for such precision: $2,835  for Babylonia1 and $3,250 for the new Babylonia II. 

For complete details on the entire line of Alexander Shorokhoff watches, including the extremely limited [25 pieces!] Fedor Dostoevsky Unique, visit “” 

*Danson Jewelers is the only Shorokhoff dealer in New York and New Jersey. Babylonian I and II are available in 3-6 weeks on special order.  

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